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Seamless Driving In Europe After Brexit

This week it had been confirmed by the Government that British drivers will be able to continue using existing insurance policies in the EU without the need for extra paperwork after Brexit. The decision will be welcomed by the estimated 2.5 million private and...

Port Funding Needed Pre-Brexit

A recent letter to UK Prime Minister Theresa May, urged her for financial guarantees for new border infrastructure. UK Ports and terminals with connections to Europe, see 10,000 lorry journeys between the UK and the EU pass through each day, representing 22 percent of...

New Hydrogen Truck

UK firm ULEMCo has developed a truck that runs a modified internal-combustion engine on hydrogen gas. The technology, unlike electric, allows the trucking industry to easily adapt. Today's heavy truck engines need little modification to use hydrogen as fuel, the cost...

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Today’s business is increasingly driven by the performance of its supply chain, which is often not aligned to support the business strategy, where functional teams may have competing priorities of supply and demand. The result can be lost sales, write-downs and discounts, the additional cost to ship and warehouse excess inventory, and obsolete stock.

Through our very own Supply Chain Academy, we are able to provide innovative learning experiences for CEOs & Executives. It provides an environment for executives to come together, to develop ideas and to plan exciting futures. We are different because our focus is not only on formal training, but also on thought leadership – learning from the experience of your peers and sharing best practice.

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